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All our fabrics are collection of finest fabrics from the best weavers around of fabrics is done keeping in eye the best quality and comfort for all our coustomers

Fabric Quality

There are different kind of fabrics depending on the type of yam and the way it is weaved.

One ply

single thread is weaved in wrap and in weft direction. This kind of Weaving allows a wide range of patterns at reasonable prices.

Two ply

In this case yarn in made of two individual threads Then they are woven in wrap and weft direction to create a smooth and strong fabric.


This is tightly woven fabric.It is ideally used to make dress shirts


This fabric has soft.silky and smooth feeling. This kind of Weaving gives texture to the fabric


Twill is the Fabric in which the yarns are woves in such a way that it gives diagonal line pattern it gives fabric smooth and elegant feel.


In this two different colors of yarn or threads are used to weave it. This kind of fabrics make fashion forward tone.


These two different fabrics have same weaving features. Oxford is usually made from a color yarn with white filling.


Pinpoint is made from thinner yarns and they are weaven tightly for a lighter frrl it is ideal for pastel colors.

Self Patterns

Fabric is woven in a special way so that from the same color yarns different patterns(stripes, checks, dots, diamonds and many more different patterns are created.).


It is natural fiber silk Yarn and fibers are unraveled from a cocoon the metamorphosis chamber of the silkworm It is very soft and smooth fabric.