Customer's Us

  • Andy, just wanted to thank you, everything arrived and looks great, well done. I’m really happy! Let me know when you’re going to be in London, my friends are very interested to put on an event featuring you! Next time you’re in Florida tell me and I’ll get more friends and colleagues to your event. Keep well and continued success.

    Richard Furlong

    Jan 2015
  • Paul, I received the clothes and everything fits well. See you the next time you are in town. All the best.

    Chris Dimuria

    April 2015
  • Came to Hong Kong in 2006 and have been introduced to Andy aka Ash Custom Tailor by a Dutch Gentleman. Ever since I have only have made my suits and shirts with Andy's Ash Custom Tailor. I can fully recommend Ash Custom Tailor to anybody looking for a tailor in Hong Kong for bespoke tailoring. I was amazed to see him traveling to all of the countries where his customers and friends moved to after they left Hong Kong to still provide them with his tailoring services. Andy and his team each time show the passion for customer service and only deliver the best in class quality and customer service. Thank you, Andy

    Peer Arno Schmidt

    Jan 2016
  • Great experience with Andy. Very friendly and accommodating. Great fabrics and perfect fits. Highly recommend their expertise!

    Nathan Umbriac

    March 2019
  • Andy is a terrific tailor. I'm a hard to fit guy and not only do his shirts and suits look and feel amazing they wear like iron. Suits I bought 10 years ago are still going strong. The shirt patterns he has are so unique and can't be matched by anything off the rack. Spent a little more than what you'd pay at an off the rack store, but he's worth it

    Daniel Goldstein

    April 2017
  • My wife and myself are Andy's customers since 1994. We are delighted about what he produced for us. For instance shirts from somebody else? Sorry no chance from Andy is the name of the game. Buy from Ash Custom Tailor and you will never be disappointed.

    Dieter Griebel

    Dec 2016
  • This past March and after loosing over 90 pounds, I was in need of some new custom clothing. I met with Paul and spent hours going through all the sample and within a few weeks after my collection arrived. I was excited to see the colors as a whole vs a swatch. I was extremely pleased with the colors and the fit was spot on. I would highly recommend them to my colleagues and will be ordering more soon! Thanks again Andy and Paul LNF

    Lans Fanning.

    May 2019